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Sunday, July 14, 2002
This is one of those rare weekends when I actually am in the mood for blogging. I told myself I wouldn't blog on a weekend, and just dedicate myself to relaxing and spending time with the family. But I'm so BORED today!

Highlight of the day: Eric threw a temper tantrum at me. He seemed to be bored playing with me, and went to the cupboard to mess around with my CD collection. So, I decided to escape to the bedroom to play some computer game, leaving Eric in the living room with his aunt. When he realized I wasn't around, he immediately guessed that I was in the bedroom, crawled to the closed door, and banged and banged and banged on the door some more, hollering me to come out. I find it cute, and at the same time am amazed that he now knows more than I think he does.

He's such a grown-up.
posted by Lorna Timbah 10:16 PM

Saturday, July 13, 2002
Highlight of the day: Yesterday, Eric stood up! By Himself! I was so shocked and shouted for joy when he did that! Of course, he didn't stand up too long, only about 5 seconds or so, but what a 5-second event it was! There he was, sitting and playing with the magazines, when all of the sudden, he stood up slowly with his two legs, no hand support, went down again, and stood up again, this time with the magazine in his hands. It was so amazing!

His goofy smile is so cute!
posted by Lorna Timbah 10:01 PM

Friday, July 12, 2002
Highlight of the day: Eric is pointing at everything nowadays. "Geegeejah!" at a book. "Ndjeahjah!" at the remote control.

Also, his goofy teeth are so cute!
posted by Lorna Timbah 1:07 PM

Wednesday, July 10, 2002
*sigh* Nice. I had an almost undisturbed sleep with Eric last night. It's just so wonderful when he does get an undisturbed night's sleep, and wakes up happy and dandy.

Highlight of the day: He is quite an expressive baby. He helds out his hands and gives out a hoot, a signal that he wants to be carried. His calls for "mama" and "dada" is much more audible, and I think he now can relate those words to us. "Mama!", holds out arms to me. "Dada!" holds out arms to my hubby. It's easier now to tell whether he's happy, or hungry, or sleepy, or wanting to go out, or wanting to watch TechTV... ahh, he is so like his momma and poppa.

Oh, did I mention how cute his fangs are? :)
posted by Lorna Timbah 11:35 AM

Tuesday, July 09, 2002
His mood is getting better now. I just wished that his cold gets better soon. It worsens his coughing... I worry sometimes.

Highlight of the day: Oo, his two top "fang" teeth are starting to show! He now has 5 teeth growing out simultaneously. About time, I say.
posted by Lorna Timbah 9:32 AM

Thursday, July 04, 2002
Eric is getting very demanding nowadays. Just when I thought I'm the luckiest mom on earth to have such a low-maintenance baby like him. Of all the hours of the day he wants to be held, it just has to be in the wee hours of 2am to 3am, when I finally manage to get my nightly snooze after a long day working.

Highlight of the day: What is there to highlight, other than his early morning wails? Though, it's always a consolation for me when I do get that full-body, dimpled smile of his at the end of each 20-minute wailing.

I kind of dread what lies ahead for me in this life they call motherhood.
posted by Lorna Timbah 3:25 PM

Tuesday, July 02, 2002
Yippee! Eric has a blog like his mommy!

I still can't comprehend how time flies and how grown up Eric is. A few more weeks, and he'll be one year old! Has it been that long? Eric's more demanding now, wanting to be carried around more than he would a few weeks ago. And he's gotten more vocal. Boy, is his voice loud. I wonder where he inherited that ;)

Highlight of the day: Oh God, I think he's learned that ugly, made-up laugh I always make. Now, every time he feels jolly, he'll just laugh that goat-like laugh.

I've yet to take him for his next shot. I promise I'll do so on my next paycheck. Fingers crossed.
posted by Lorna Timbah 9:50 PM