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Week 3

I know I'm handsome, but I think I look much better and chubbier in this photo, don't you think? I started to feed a lot when Mommy and Daddy switched my formula to Nestle Lactogen. My stooling's improved, too, although I think stooling's uncomfortable that it makes me cry after each "session".

Week 4

Uncle Ah Wei (Peter) held me to pose for the camera. Relatives from Daddy's side came to our home during my full-moon birthday. Mommy's family and relatives celebrated it in a much more trendier place -- The Promenade Hotel.

Mommy takes the opportunity to spend as much time as she can taking care of me during her 60-day maternity leave. She goes back to work on 8 October 2001.

Note Mommy's puffy eyes due to lack of sleep; you won't see that on Daddy's. However, Mommy doesn't mind losing any sleep. She just wished someone would help her with the house work!

Here's a close-up of me. I love to hear Mommy talking and singing her made-up lullabies. My binky (pacifier) helps me to relax too, although I don't use it often.

Week 5

Here I am posing with Aunty Lala (Laura). She comes by our place from time to time to help do the house work and sometimes baby-sits for Mommy while she rests. Mommy is very grateful for that.

This picture was taken after we went to Dr. Krishen for our scheduled vaccination ("our" because it was both myself and Mommy). It was painful that I cried without a sound coming out of me. The kind nurse then bandaged the area where the shot was given.

I love to exercise and play! Since I was 1 week old, Mommy has been giving me exercises for my hands and feet so that they grow strong and I can run around the house and have fun!

I get the chance to play with sis Cha-cha (Nuraishah) usually when I go back to Kampong in Tuaran. Sis Cha-cha finds me so cute that she ends up making meowing sounds like a kitty. Sis Cha-cha loves kitties.

Nenek (Grandma Doreen) proudly poses with her grandchildren. Sis Cha-cha and I love to have Nenek around because she would bring us out for a drive every time!

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