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Week 9 - My Baptism

I was baptised on a warm Sunday afternoon, October 21, 2001, a day past my 2-month birthday, at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

I nap while Mommy and Daddy had to listen through the priest's sermon before baptism begins.

And here I am, with the holy water being poured over my head. I guess the priest was kind of nervous, because he ended up pouring the water all over my face and into my nose!

But, I'm alright. The water didn't affect me one bit... fact, I'm doing great! The cool water helps in this warm sunny day. Only Mommy and Daddy was slightly traumatised by the incident.

After that, Mommy changed me to an all-white outfit for the rest of the baptism ceremony. Changing my outfit symbolises my spiritual release into the house of the Lord.

The man in the blue shirt is my godfather, Uncle Zude (Sabut), who's my Daddy's colleague at work.

Just the two of us. Uncle Zude and I after the baptism ceremony ended.

Here's to another eventful day for me.

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