My First Photograph

Mommy's Pregnancy Journal

My First Photograph
Date: 17 April 2001

The Gynae Doctor took my photo when Mommy and Daddy went to visit him for the first time. I was very shy. I turned my back just when Gynae Doctor wanted to take my picture. Mommy and Daddy was very happy to see me move around. Daddy thinks I was skinny, though.

Mommy dedicated this ultrasound poem for me:
Blessings upon you, my baby unborn
Safely inside me, asleep and so warm,
Sleep must come easy to those who are unborn,
As the maker so silently fashions your form.
Sleep, while you can, so watery and warm,
For outside this world is a terrible storm,
Soon you'll discover the taste of your tears,
So sleep now my loved one, my Baby, my Dear.
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