Mommy's Pregnancy Journal

I'm a S/He?
Date: 05 July 2001

Mommy and Daddy got a surprise from the Doc today, in Mommy's 33rd gestation week and monthly check-up. This is what Mommy and the Doc said:

Doc: "What gender did I tell you the baby was?"

Mommy: "A girl."

Doc: "Did I say 100% girl?"

Mommy: "Uh, no, you only mentioned it's a girl, but you didn't say it's 100%."

Doc: "Because, I think I'd like to reserve my judgement until much later. Looks like I'm seeing a set of testes here..."

Oh, oh! Mommy and Daddy already picked a name for me, but it ain't a boy's name! Doc said he can't be 100% sure now, because it could be due to the umbilical cord covering my pee-pee part. And so, Doc set our next appointment two weeks from now, on 19 July. Doc hopes by then he can confirm whether I'm a boy or a girl.

Mommy and Daddy will have a "wonderful" time deciding on what to name me :o)

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