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Hi there, this is Eric's mom speaking. This page lists out sites that I feel have helped me learn about pregnancy and motherhood. Although nothing could prepare you emotionally and physically for the actual thing, doing some reading might help you to mentally prepare and expect fewer surprises. Also, take all the advice and knowledge you gained with a grain of salt. Always, if in doubt, consult your doctor. He or she will be more than happy to help you.

Information and support

    What I liked most about this site is the Q&A column on a wide variety of subjects related to pregnancy and parenthood. This site is very much pro-breastfeeding, though, so much so that it could leave those who couldn't breastfeed feeling depressed.
    I wish I had used the info in this site earlier. The site is much more understanding when it comes to breastfeeding and doesn't leave you feeling guilty if you are one of those people who can't breastfeed successfully, like me. I love the personalized info and weekly e-mails on the progress of your pregnancy + parenting.
    A wonderful site for women. The chat rooms are especially useful, so do go ahead and find a support group for pregnancy or for advice on baby care and breastfeeding. The chat groups are very supportive groups and helped me go through my first weeks of postpartum while I was home-bound.

Graphics for building a baby web site

  • Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
    You will need at least a version of Microsoft Office 97 installed in your computer before using any of the graphics. I used this site to build the background and navigation buttons of this site.

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