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Tuesday, 17 September 2000

We just got our studio photo samples, and they were amazing! Except for a few poses where our eyes weren't looking at the camera, the rest was marvelously taken. We have scanned all 56 of ths samples and put it in our Multimedia section, so go ahead and take a peek.

Sunday, 24 September 2000

It's photo shooting time. Lorna shaved her eyebrows for the first time! The make-up looked weird at first, but eventually KL Bride's House managed to make her look like a princess :) Dony's jackets were exceptionally magnificent as well. Both of us especially love the white tuxedo that he wore.

We had a gruelling 5-hour shooting in-house; we're not so keen at outdoor poses. Lorna changed her outfit five times, while Dony changed his six times. Lorna's mother dropped by to watch the whole event. Actually, everything went perfectly. The only downside to this is that they didn't clean Lorna's make up after all of this was over!

We also decided on getting KL Bride's House for our make-up and hairdo. The photo samples will be ready this Tuesday. Until then, waiting waiting waiting....

Sunday, 17 September 2000

We had our wedding clothes fitted today, along with our bridesmaid, best man, and flower girl outfits. We chose KL Bride's House which provides us with the outfits and photo shoots.

Lorna gets to choose two wedding gowns for the shoot, and use one of them for our wedding ceremony. Lorna will also be wearing a beautiful black and yellow evening gown for both the wedding and the reception. Dony will be wearing a gray bow tie and a black suit for the wedding and photo shoot, while he will chose to wear a red bow tie and white jacket for the photo shoot. Finally, we will be wearing a traditional Dusun Lotud wedding costume (Lorna's ethnic culture) and a traditional Chinese wedding costume (as Dony is Sino-Kadazan).

We'll have our photo shoot this coming Sunday, 24 September 2000. We can hardly wait!

Monday, 11 September 2000

The date has been confirmed -- Dony and Lorna will be married on Thursday, 9 November 2000. Lorna has announced this to her workmates this same day by e-mail. Dony also did the same thing by word of mouth.

Thursday, 7 September 2000

We checked out our favourite hotel, Promenade Hotel, to see whether they can confirm us for our 9 November reception. The hotel provides us with the hotel stay, limousine ride, invitation cards, discounts to bridal outlets, and much more. But most importantly, they gave us a wonderful selection of 9 course meal! Yummy!

We then dropped by KL Bride's House, one of the outlets in which we could get discount off from Promenade Hotel. We have to say that the selection of clothes and the quality of the photographs are marvelous. We then set a date for 24 September as the photo shooting day and 17 September for our outfittings.

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