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Day 1

This handsome snapshot of me is courtesy of Sabah Medical Centre. It is typical for the Centre to take Polaroid photographs of newborns almost immediately after they are born and cleaned, and then give them to the respective parents as compliments.

Day 2

Mommy and Daddy stayed at the Centre for 3 days and 2 nights. Here I am sleeping as he looks on. I really hate being swaddled, and I keep wriggling my hands out of the wrap all the time.

Day 5

Here is Mommy and I in one of my attempts to breastfeed. Mommy has inverted nipples, so I find it hard to latch on. Mommy uses a nipple shield to breastfeed me. But after a week or so, I begin my all-formula feed.

Day 7

I haven't changed much since Day 1, as you can see. However Mommy noticed that I was slightly taller and fuller than I was before.

Day 10

Daddy and I on our family bed. I currently sleep in my own cot and only sometimes sleep with Mommy and Daddy. They're still concerned that I would squish them while they were sleeping. Or is it the other way around, them squishing me?

Day 13

Mommy and Daddy made a desperate effort to finish off the film in the camera, so that Daddy can send it to be developed and show me off to his colleagues and relatives. This is the story...

I was sound asleep in my cot when Mommy picked me up and took a picture with me...

Mommy then put me down, and Daddy continued to take my picture...

That previous flash from the camera awoke me...

"*Yawn* do we have to do this now, Dad? Great timing you have... "

"I'm going to try going back to sleep now, OK?"

Just when I was going to doze off again...

... Mommy decided to play with me. Aww, Mommm...

Now it's Daddy's turn to take a picture with me. Here's a unique pose of myself, midway of doing a stretch. Mommy said this is by far her most favourite picture among all.

Here's a more decent picture of me, with Daddy.

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