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Studio Photos: The photos below were taken by KL Bride's House in Api-Api Centre, Kota Kinabalu. This company is known to be one of the best bridal houses in the area. Although a wee bit expensive for some people, they have excellent choice of costumes and skillful photographers, as you will see in our pictures :) We managed to get a good deal on this as well. Nora is the person who assisted us throughout the arrangements, and we thank her for the ideas and help.

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Studio Photos - set 1
Gown for studio: 5 images in all. Lorna is wearing a sleeveless gown with a sash around the neckline. Dony is wearing the classic black jacket with red bow tie.
Studio Photos - set 2
Gown for wedding: 15 images in all. The largest photo collection and probably the most magnificent of them all :) We'll be wearing these for our wedding ceremony. Lorna is wearing a trailing white gown with soft peachy pink flowers and sequins on the bodice. Dony wears a marvelous white tuxedo. He changes to a red jacket with black outlining and a black polka dot ribbon bow.
Studio Photos - set 3
Evening gown for reception: 2 images in all.  Lorna is wearing a halter-neck, yellow and black dress. The yellow collar is beaded and sequined. Small yellow flowers trailed the black bodice outline. The yellow chiffon skirt added an elegant touch to the outfit. Dony is wearing a matching yellow jacket with black outlining, and a black and yellow patterned ribbon bow.
Studio Photos - set 4
Dusun Lotud wedding costume: 4 images in all. This is Lorna's traditional ethnic costume as she hails from Tuaran, Sabah. The main colours are black with red trailing and patterns.
Studio Photos - set 5
Chinese traditional wedding costume: 3 images in all. The dresses are in striking red and blue. The headdress is elegant.

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