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Wedding Photos: The photos below were taken by Micheal Teh of Kota Kota Kinabalu. He is a freelance photographer as well as working for The New Sabah Times. The photo quality is excellent. However, the some of the snapshot angles were not that properly done. We spent close to a thousand Ringgit for the whole 12 rolls of film. Below are a few photos of the memorable event for your viewing pleasure.

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Wedding Photos - set 1
Before the ceremony: 5 images in all. Lorna preparing for the momentous event.
Wedding Photos - set 2
The ceremony begins: 7 images in all. "Here Comes The Bride."
Wedding Photos - set 3
Group photos: 7 images in all. Non-stop poses of the blissful couple and guests.
Wedding Photos - set 4
After the ceremony: 6 images in all. Us in relax mode enjoying our lunch break.

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